Repoman is a package for MODX Revolution that makes it easier for developers to develop their own MODX packages or contribute to existing MODX projects. Its goal is to simplify MODX AddOn development and maintainance: no more headaches and steep learning curves writing custom build scripts or laborious click-work adding objects to the manager in preparation for development. Repoman is taking back the simplicity!

Why is it Needed?

  1. All MODX code is referenced in the database, so adding and updating templates, chunks, snippets etc. requires much patience and click-work in the manager GUI. Repoman's "import" and "install" functionality streamlines development by detecting files in your package's directory and creating the necessary MODX records.
  2. Repoman simplifies folder structures when developing and versioning code. Unlike some systems (e.g. Wordpress), MODX installs package files in two locations (primarily for security): web-accessible files (images, css, js) belong in the "assets" folder, while PHP and any non-public files belong inside the "core" directory. This makes it difficult to keep your project files under version control: Git brings one directory under version control. Repoman codifies the work-arounds into a consistent pattern so you can easily keep your package's files in one place while developing.
  3. Although extremely useful, MODX's transport packages are a pain to create. Repoman eliminates the need for developers to create customized build scripts: just run Repoman's "build" utility on your project, and a MODX package will be created from your project's files, including any/all MODX objects and custom database tables.
  4. We want to use Composer, Autoloading, and third-party packages! Repoman was developed with Composer in mind so you can use autoloading in your MODX models or download Composer packages from