MOXYCART: The definitive MODX ecommerce extra

(Beta release coming in early 2015!)

We've crafted a robust ecommerce tool for developers. With Moxycart it's easy to deploy a complete ecommerce experience without having to build from the ground up. Designers and developers simply plug into the MODX CMS, and then customize to their hearts' content, with total creative freedom.

Too often, ecommerce solutions are fall short. If they are a plugin, you can use your desired CMS, but the ecommerce features can be lacking. If it's an ecommerce platform, you can be forced into a painful box with few of the features you'd get in a regular CMS. With Moxycart, you can have your cake and eat it too. MODX is a fully customizable CMS, and with FoxyCart's unique implementation, you can get all the ecommerce features you need with none of the laborious limitations of other ecommerce platforms. Moxycart integrates seamlessly with Foxycart's shopping cart and checkout process, delivering a fully PCI-compliant online store, with all of the robust features your projects require and none of the usual headaches.

Here's a list of features that you will find in the Moxycart arsenal:

  • Seamless integration of Foxycart into MODX CMS
  • Easy creation and management of Foxycart stores
  • Installation and updating via MODX package management
  • One streamlined interface for all of your product and category management
  • Custom dashboard makes it easy to review and manage customers and orders
  • Full theming and CSS capability
  • Create your templates using any combination of HTML/CSS/Javascript that you can dream up
  • Customizable shopping cart and one-page checkout system
  • Cart validation and product verification
  • Bulk product field editor
  • Unlimited detailed images with drag-and-drop uploading
  • 100% PCI-compliant

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