GMARKER: A Google Maps Location Plugin for MODX

When your pages need to contain dynamic map location information, look no further than Gmarker - an integration of the Google Maps API (v3) for MODX Revolution. GMarker enables you to easily display maps and markers, obtain geocoding on address information, and also caches the results. It uses latitude/longitude coordinates contained on MODX pages to draw markers on a map (e.g. for a store locator). Use it anytime your MODX pages need to contain location information that you would like to display graphically on a map.

The following elements are included with this extra:

  • Geocoding Plugin: this will automatically look up latitude and longitude coordinates for pages containing location information (address, city, state, etc.).
  • Gmaps Snippet: use this Snippet to easily draw a Google Map
  • Gmaker Snippet: use this Snippet to draw a map with pins (markers) on it, each representing a page on your site.